Phuket Island has an abundance of Buddhist Temples. Thailand is a mainly Buddhist country, and Phuket also has a lot of Buddhists. We can offer a Temple Tour taking you to either popular, but busy with Tourists Temples, are show you some of the oldest and traditional. The Tour can be Tailored to your wants and needs.


Please follow the local tradition to dress modestly when visiting Temples and Shrines. Remove foot wear at the entrance and respect worshipers that may be there.


The Buddhist temples and shrines shown below are only a few of the few hundred that are scattered around Phuket Island. This sample is easily done in the 6 hour time period we offer. Your Temple Tour can be customised to suit your interests. Contact us here if you need more information.

Big Buddha Phuket
Views Forever

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is one of the most popular attractions for Tourists to visit. High above Chalong on a mountain, the Buddha has been years in the making. Magnificent 360 degree views from this Lookout. The temple below has a large display of the building and development of the site.

Dek Jui Tui Temple
Chinese Temple Phuket Town

Dek Jui Tui Temple

The Chinese were a large part of Tin Mining severl centuries ago and they bought with them thier version of Buddhism. Many Phuket Buddhist Temples are rich with this Chinese heritage. Dek Jui Tui is one of them. This temple is in Phuket Town. Close by are many shops that sell merit making offerings.

Chalong Temple Wall Decoration
Buddha Wall Paintings

Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple is a favourite among visitors. It is very ornate and has many shrines for different aspects of Buddhism.

Oldest Temple Phuket
Phukets oldest Temple

Clock Circle Temple

This temple is the oldest in Phuket Town and has a large Chinese influence. It has a very antiquey fell to it and has some amazing photographing opportunities. Please be respectful at this sacred place, the caretaker is not grumpy, but likes things to be in order.

Puket Rang Hill
Temple on side of Rang Hill, Phuket

Rang Hill Temple

This large Temple complex is a bit off the beaten tourist track, but has some incredible statues and shrines. Well worth a stop on your tour to take in the peaceful atmosphere away fro the hustle and bustle of Phuket Town.

Saphin Hin Park
Saphin Hin Park

Saphin Hin Shrine

This Buddhist Shrine is on the south side of town in a community park called Saphin Hin. This area is frequented by Thais for picnics and get togethers. It can be included as a stop in your Temple Tour.